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We develop websites using the most compelling web technologies out there.

We build native mobile apps for Android and iOS Apple devices (iPad and iPhone) and also hybrid apps.

We help your online presence using a wide range of features provided by the social media platforms.

We are the people the marketing companies come to when they need a web site. A web site is nothing more than a software running on a computer somewhere in the world. This software displays text, images and videos through your web browser on your computer, smart phone or tablet when you request the information over the internet.

Since the popularity of Google on the World Wide Web (the network of computers within the “internet” from which documents can be viewed using a web browser), there is now a bias towards, creating web sites with relatively less graphics and more text information so that information can be easily indexed by the search engine. Of course you can still have great graphics on the web page, but if your web site is structured well and contains the appropriate text information relevant to your audience then your web site will be ranked higher in the Google search results. The search engine optimization (SEO) of a website code is carried out very carefully by our developers so that website appears on top search result which is now the holy grail of web development.

You will need to decide the right balance of graphics and text when thinking of a great web site look and feel for your business or project. Sometimes a website may look great on the screen but how best is it ranked on Google search results?


We are now living in an age where no one uses, a paper directory, nor read paper news media and where most people do shopping internationally on the World Wide Web using smart phones, laptops and tablet computers. You are now in a game where you have to be found first or appear before your competitors in any Google connected cloud databases or other online information source searched by people looking for products or services you have to offer. There are no other alternative ways to market. Even locally, people are using their smartphones to find their nearest services and things to buy or sell using Google maps. Google maps have eliminated all competition in searching for local businesses. Period.

What does not work anymore are leaflets and flyers. Don’t waste your time, money and trees making and distributing leaflets and flyers. The World Wide Web is even disrupting outdoor advertising industry. You cannot search for what you are looking for on a billboard so the billboard industry is dying.

In our opinion what works is internet search, word of mouth, talking to people, phone, email and sometimes business cards. However, a leaflet, a flyer or even a full blown brochure adapted into an interactive website connected via social media and available twenty four hours a day on the World Wide Web will guarantee that your idea, business or project is seen by millions of people around the world;

To create a web site you should not use a marketing company because it can be more cost effective to hire a web developer directly. If a web site is coded correctly, then it will self promote itself through social media and word of mouth. Over time, it will be ranked higher by google provided the information on the web site is in demand. Furthermore, we help you promote your web site FREE of charge on the internet whereas a marketing company will cost you thousands of pounds.

We have expertise both in coding web site and in web graphics design. Unlike a marketing company we cut to the chase and focus your website where it matters: to be found on web searches you get more customers and increase your targeted audience.

Everyone has something to sell, people sell products, information, services and even themselves for jobs. Politicians use a website to maximise their PR activities.

Without a website you will be unable to compete as a small business. We are not saying this because we develop web sites. The World Wide Web is a common medium where a small business can compete with big business on equal grounds.

You are no longer limited to having your web address ending with .com .net .org or co.uk
The World Wide Web has now opened up to having a web address ending with .anything
Every month more and more Top Level Domains (TLDs) are released for general public to register through a domain registrar for example .directory .coffee .properties etc. We now have over 700+ .TLDs available.

While you work hard to manage your business, let us help you develop your website so you get your business online and get more customers.